Agribusiness loans in Canada

How to Get Agribusiness Loans in Canada?

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program is designed to support farmers and agricultural cooperatives by increasing the availability of loans. Here’s how you can access agribusiness loans in Canada:


  • Farmers and agricultural co-operatives are eligible for CALA loans.
  • Farmers can use these loans to establish, improve, and develop farms.
  • Agricultural cooperatives may access loans for processing, distributing, or marketing farm products.

Loan Details:

  • The federal government guarantees repayment of 95% of a net loss on an eligible loan issued.
  • The maximum aggregate loan limit for any one farm operation is $500,000.
  • Loans are limited to a maximum of:
    • $500,000 for land purchase and building construction/improvement.
    • $350,000 for other purposes, including consolidation/refinancing.
  • For agricultural co-operatives, the maximum aggregate loan limit is $3 million with Ministerial approval.

Program Delivery:

  • Lenders such as banks, credit unions, and caisses populaires issue and administer CALA loans.
  • Lenders incorporate CALA into their normal lending practices while benefiting from the government guarantee.
  • If a purchase has already been made, lenders have 60 days from the purchase date to issue a CALA loan.

Application Process:
Visit any of the following lender organizations to apply for a loan under the CALA program:

Remember, the CALA Program aims to help farmers innovate, expand, and seize market opportunities, contributing to the renewal of the agricultural sector in Canada.

Have any other agricultural funding programs in Canada?

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) program, there are other agricultural funding programs in Canada that can support farmers and agribusinesses. Here are a few worth exploring:

Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP):

Sustainable CAP provides $500 million in new funds, representing a 25% increase in cost-shared funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

It focuses on science, research, and innovation to address challenges in the agricultural sector.

Youth Employment and Skills Program:

  • This program aims to create employment opportunities for youth in agriculture.
  • It helps young individuals gain practical skills and experience in the industry.

AgriInnovate Program:

  • AgriInnovate supports innovative projects that enhance productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability in agriculture.
  • It encourages the adoption of new technologies and practices.


  • AgriInvest is a savings account for farmers.
  • It allows them to set aside a percentage of their eligible net sales to receive matching government contributions.

Advance Payments Program (APP):

  • The APP provides low-interest cash advances on the value of eligible agricultural products.
  • These advances must be repaid as the products are sold.

African Swine Fever Industry Preparedness Program:

  • This program funds activities related to prevention, preparedness, welfare slaughter, and disposal.
  • It aims to enhance the industry’s capacity to prevent African swine fever and mitigate potential outbreaks.

However, these programs are based on your specific needs and eligibility. Each program serves different purposes and can provide valuable support to the agricultural community in Canada.

In the fertile fields of Canadian agriculture, opportunities bloom for agribusinesses seeking growth and sustainability. From the majestic Rockies to the rolling prairies, the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) program stands as a beacon, offering financial support to farmers and cooperatives alike. Whether you’re cultivating crops, tending livestock, or pioneering innovative agri-ventures, CALA can be your trusted partner on this fertile journey.

Ready to sow the seeds of success? Our seasoned agribusiness advisors are here to guide you through the intricacies of funding, market trends, and sustainable practices. Let’s cultivate prosperity together! Contact us today for personalized advice and tailored solutions.

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