How to secure Commercial Real Estate Financing

How to Secure Commercial Real Estate Financing in Canada

Let’s explore the steps to secure commercial real estate financing in Canada and increase your chances of approval:

1. Show Profitability: Ensure your company’s financial stability.

        Profitability is a critical factor for loan approval. Banks prefer businesses with a proven track record of profits.
        A business lacking profitability faces challenges in obtaining financing. Demonstrating consistent profits is essential

2. Assess Your Space Needs:

      Thoroughly evaluate your real estate requirements. Don’t rush into financing requests for impromptu projects.
      Consider the following:

  • Budget: Determine your budget, desired locations, and square footage needs.
  • Buy or Lease: Decide whether you want to buy or lease.
  • Future Growth: Plan for projected expansion.

      Remember to account for additional costs beyond the purchase price or base rent, such as due diligence expenses, 
      renovations, legal fees, and operational costs

3. Have a Specific Property in Mind: 

       Choose a property that aligns with your business needs. Banks consider the type, condition, age, and resale potential of 
       the property.
       Without a specific property, it’s challenging for a bank to provide precise financing details.
       Having a property in mind demonstrates seriousness and avoids wasting the banker’s time.
       If you don’t have a property yet, consider a preliminary meeting with the bank to estimate potential financing

4. Prepare Your Documents:

       Gather essential documents, including financial statements and a solid business plan.
       Provide details about the property you intend to finance.
       Your banker will advise you on the right level of financing based on your project.

5. Meet the Bank Before Bidding:

       Establish a relationship with your banker. Discuss your financing needs and goals.
       A positive impression during this meeting can enhance your chances of approval.

6. Give Yourself Time:

      Start the financing process early. Rushed requests may not receive thorough consideration.
      Allow time for due diligence, negotiations, and paperwork.

7. Investigate Loan Terms, Not Just Rates:

      Look beyond interest rates. Consider other terms such as repayment schedules, prepayment penalties, and loan 
      Choose a financing option that aligns with your business objectives.
      However, thorough preparation and understanding the lender’s perspective significantly improve your chances of
      obtaining commercial real estate financing.

What types of commercial real estate loans are available in Canada?

In Canada, there are several types of commercial real estate loans available to businesses and investors.

1. Cash-out Loans:

       These loans involve refinancing or withdrawing equity from an existing mortgage on commercial real estate.
       Borrowers can use the funds for various purposes, such as expansion, renovations, or other business needs

2. Bridge Loans:

      Bridge loans are short-term financing solutions used while searching for permanent financing.
      They help cover immediate expenses, such as purchasing a property before securing long-term financing.

3. Hard Money Loans:

       Hard money loans are asset-based loans secured by the property itself.
      They are often used for time-sensitive transactions or when traditional lenders are not an option

4. Refinancing Loans:

      Refinancing allows borrowers to restructure existing debt or take advantage of better interest rates.
       It’s a way to optimize financing terms and reduce costs

5. Fix-and-Flip Loans:

      These loans are ideal for investment properties purchased in poor condition.
      Investors buy, renovate, and then sell the property for a profit11.

6. Construction Loans:

      Construction loans fund the development of new properties.
      They cover construction costs until the project is completed and can then be refinanced into a permanent loan

7. Purchasing Loans:

      These are standard loans used for property acquisition.
      Borrowers can secure financing to purchase commercial real estate

Remember that each loan type has its own terms, eligibility criteria, and repayment structures. It’s essential to choose the right financing option based on your specific needs and business goals.

In the complex world of commercial real estate financing in Canada, having a knowledgeable partner can make all the difference. At BCSOD, we're committed to helping you navigate the financing landscape with ease. From application to approval, our experts are here to ensure you secure the funding you need for your commercial property investments. Contact BCSOD today to start your journey towards successful real estate financing tailored to your needs. Let’s build your future together.

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