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Expert assistance in Business Planning, Financial Projection, and Small Business loans to support the successful launch of their new product.

BiEco Products

BiEco Products Inc. is gearing up to launch a new paper straw manufacturing and distribution company in Barrie, targeting various restaurants and cafes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) initially, with plans to expand in the future. BCSOD played a pivotal role in assisting BiEco Products Inc. with their business endeavor, providing expertise in Business Planning and Financial Projection and securing a Small Business Loan. Their product offerings will include a range of paper straws, such as cocktail and milkshake straws, available in different sizes and colors to cater to customer preferences. The company's mission is to ensure timely and accurate product delivery to all clients in the GTA initially while harboring the vision to become a leading vendor across Canada within a decade of operation.

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Business Planning


Financial Projection


Small business loan from RBC

BCSOD rendered invaluable solutions to BiEco Products, seamlessly aligning with their aspirations. Through expert Business Planning, BCSOD meticulously laid a strategic roadmap, ensuring BiEco Products' venture was well-structured for success. With comprehensive Financial Projections, BiEco Products gained valuable insights into its financial outlook, enabling informed decision-making. To support their growth and operational needs, BCSOD facilitated the acquisition of a Small Business Loan from RBC, ensuring the necessary financial resources were readily available. By leveraging BCSOD's expertise, BiEco Products is equipped to confidently embark on its paper straw manufacturing and distribution journey with a solid foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity.


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‘’From the very beginning, it was evident that BCSOD understood the unique financial challenges faced by eco-friendly businesses. They recognized the importance of sustainable initiatives and shared my vision for promoting environmentally responsible practices. Their knowledge of the lending landscape and ability to connect me with suitable lenders was truly impressive. I would definitely recommend BCSOD to any eco-friendly manufacturing business owner seeking a consulting partner that shares their commitment to sustainability.”

Morteza Golzar

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BiEco Products



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Product Manufacturer

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Start-up Financing / Business Plan / Management Consulting, Business planning and Financial Projection, Small Business loan

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