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Assisted Sahil Bhatia in Business Planning, consulting, and Financial Services with a Business Line of Credit

Sahil Bhatia started his business in August 2017, offering broker services for various contracts. Initially, the company focused on Canada Wide runs and expanded to US/Canada lanes in 2018. In 2019, they had the opportunity to work with drayage CN & CP (Canada National/Canada Pacific) and multi-broker contracts. However, in 2020, the business faced challenges due to Covid's impact on the trucking industry. To improve their contracts, they relocated from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Despite the difficulties, by the end of 2021, the company had grown from two trucks to five. In 2022, they secured more contracts, including local P&D courier contracts from FedEx and frozen food contracts with Saputo. By the end of 2022, the fleet expanded to eleven trucks. In January 2023, the company obtained six new contracts, including three dump trucks, which are set to hit the road in April 2023. Additionally, two US/Canada lanes trucks and two local container work contracts will start operating in April 2023. In his journey, BCSOD helped them secure a handsome business line of credit from BMO.

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Helped get a Business line of credit from BMO


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Financial Solutions

BCSOD supported Sahil Bhatia's business journey with its expert solutions. Through meticulous Business Planning, BCSOD provided a strategic roadmap, setting the foundation for growth and success. As the trucking industry faced challenges in 2020 due to Covid, BCSOD stepped in to offer Financial Solutions, ensuring stability and resilience during uncertain times. One notable achievement was securing a handsome Business Line of Credit from BMO, empowering the company with essential financial resources to fuel expansion and seize new opportunities. With BCSOD's expertise, Sahil Bhatia's business thrived, as evidenced by the remarkable growth from two trucks to eleven by the end of 2022. BCSOD's unwavering commitment and proficiency enabled the company to secure new contracts, including local courier and frozen food contracts, further bolstering its market presence. As Sahil Bhatia's company continues its upward trajectory, BCSOD remains a trusted partner, guiding them toward continued prosperity and excellence in the transport industry.


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‘’The level of communication and collaboration exhibited by the BCSOD team was exemplary. They were readily available to address any questions or concerns I had, and they kept me informed throughout the entire financing process. Their transparent and open communication created a strong partnership, and I felt supported and confident in their abilities.”

Sahil Bhatia
Business Manager

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Trucking & Transportation, Logistics


Trucking & Transportation, Logistics

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Trucking & Logistics Service

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Working Capital / Business planning and Financial Projection, Business Line of Credit

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