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Professional business planning, financing, and advisory services to facilitate the new startup business's successful launch and seamless operation.


Leymoon, a renowned restaurant in Cambridge known for its diverse range of delectable flavors from various cultures, recognized the immense potential of the Canadian market to showcase their culinary expertise. In their pursuit of success, Leymoon sought the indispensable assistance of BCSOD, who expertly provided essential solutions such as Business Planning and Financial Projection to chart a clear path towards prosperity. BCSOD further facilitated the restaurant's growth by securing a Working Capital Loan and a Business Line of Credit, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation. With proficient guidance and financial support, Leymoon is poised to impact the Canadian market, elevating its reputation as a culinary destination.

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Business Planning


Working capital loan from TD and BDC

Leymoon successfully obtained Working Capital Loans from TD and BDC, ensuring the necessary financial resources for seamless and efficient operations. BCSOD's adept Business Planning services laid a strong foundation for strategic decision-making, setting the stage for Leymoon's continued expansion and prosperity. With BCSOD's unwavering support and financial acumen, Leymoon is confidently positioned to make a resounding impact in the Canadian market, establishing itself as a prominent culinary destination of choice.


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‘’Thanks to the expertise and efforts of BCSOD, my restaurant has flourished. The loans they helped arrange provided us with the necessary capital to enhance our menu offerings, renovate the premises, and expand our marketing efforts. Their unwavering support has played a pivotal role in driving the success of my Middle Eastern restaurant. What truly set BCSOD apart was their commitment to my business's success. They were proactive in negotiating on my behalf, ensuring that I secured the best loan terms possible.”

Junaid Mon

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Business planning and Financial Projection, Working Capital Loan, Business Line of Credit, Start-up Financing / Management Consulting

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