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Helped with Business planning, financing, and advisory services and assured working capital loan with equipment financing and leasing.


In January 2019, TRANSACE EXPRESS INC was established as a one-truck owner-operator venture in partnership with NATT ENTERPRISES LTD, operating in the transport industry. Over the next three years, the fleet grew to nine units, hauling across Canada and the USA on major lanes. Recognizing the need to expand and take their business to the next level, Transace Express sought essential services to support their growth aspirations. These services included expert Business Planning and Financial Projection, Management Consulting, and assistance in securing vital financial resources such as Working Capital Loans and Business Lines of Credit. Additionally, Transace Express sought Equipment Financing and Leasing options to bolster its fleet. Armed with the expertise and strategic insights from these services of BCSOD, TRANSACE EXPRESS INC successfully made the transition to an independent asset-based carrier in July 2022, now operating a fleet of 12 power units (trucks), 7 reefer trailers, and 5 dry vans. With a strong foundation laid and a family background spanning four decades in the transport industry, Transace Express is well-positioned to realize their vision of continued growth and success.

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Business planning and Financial Projection


Management Consulting Service


Working Capital Loan


Smar Amount of Credit from BMO


Equipment Financing & Leasing

Transace Express was presented with a comprehensive suite of expert solutions by BCSOD, tailored to address their business needs and fuel their growth trajectory. Through meticulous Business Planning and Financial Projection services, Transace Express gained strategic insights, enabling them to chart a clear path toward future success. The invaluable guidance Management Consulting Services of BCSOD provided them with the tools to optimize their operations and make informed decisions. To support their expansion goals, BCSOD facilitated the acquisition of a Working Capital Loan, ensuring the necessary financial resources were readily available. Moreover, a smart amount of BMO credit was secured, further bolstering their financial capabilities. Equipment Financing & Leasing options were also meticulously curated, empowering Transace Express to strengthen their fleet and enhance operational efficiency. With BCSOD's expertise in their corner, Transace Express stands primed to conquer new heights and thrive in the dynamic transport industry.


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‘’Thanks to the expertise and guidance of BCSOD in getting a large working capital/line of credit for my business, my trucking & logistics business is now experiencing a remarkable transformation. BCSOD is a friendly company, they understand the Art and Heart of business, and that's what matters.”

Yasir Torr

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Business planning and Financial Projection, Management Consulting, Working Capital Loan, Business Line of Credit,Consulting Services, Financing and Advisory Equipment Financing & Leasing,

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