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Provided Financing and Advisory Services focusing on Working Capital Loans and Business Lines of Credit

United Holdings

United Holdings embarked on a crucial project to enhance its business operations through Financing and Advisory Services, specifically focusing on obtaining Working Capital Loans and Business Lines of Credit. Our expertise was essential in guiding them through the complex process of securing financing from BMO, providing expert assistance and strategic suggestions to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. By offering tailored advisory support, we enabled United Holdings to make informed decisions, paving the way for smoother business operations and maximizing its growth potential.

Solutions Provided


Working Capital Loan


Line of Credit from BMO

United Holdings actively engages in the export-import business, and our esteemed Financing and Advisory services played a pivotal role in securing their working capital loan from BMO. As a trusted partner, we provided invaluable support in making well-informed decisions that contributed to optimizing their profitability. With a keen focus on their financial well-being, we take pride in empowering United Holdings to thrive and achieve their business objectives with confidence and strategic insight.


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‘’One of the most significant benefits of working with BCSOD was their ability to provide comprehensive solutions to my business financing needs across various aspects of my export-import business. Their expertise allowed me to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and maximize profitability. I wholeheartedly recommend BCSOD to any business owner seeking a knowledgeable and results-driven consulting partner.”

Sasan Bakhshaei
Business Owner

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United Holding



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Spare Parts Trader

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Working Capital / Business Line of Credit

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