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Assisted in Business Planning and Financial Projection with Small Business Loan Support

Pradipta Chakma has a dream of owning a convenience store in Chaplin, which will be called "Chaplin Grocery." Careful planning and getting a small business loan are very important to make this dream come true. The store will offer everyday items like bread, cereals, tobacco products, lottery tickets, liquor, and more. It will be located at 415 4th Street, Chaplin, SK, S0H 0V0, with easy access from Elevator Road and major freeways, making it convenient for local customers and travelers from nearby towns. The store will be spacious, covering 2,560 square feet, with neatly organized aisles to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. Pradipta Chakma believes that with thorough planning and financial support, Chaplin Grocery will become a successful and popular place for the community and visitors.

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Business Planning


Feasibility & Market Research


Funding From BDC

Solutions Provided to Pradipta Chakma for his ambitious venture, Chaplin Grocery, have been pivotal in turning his vision into reality. Our team at BCSOD played a vital role by offering expert assistance in various aspects. Through meticulous business planning and comprehensive financial projection, we crafted a robust roadmap to guide the growth and success of Chaplin Grocery. In addition to that, our dedicated efforts in small business loan processing paved the way for securing the necessary financial support for the venture. With our guidance and expertise, Pradipta Chakma was able to navigate the complexities of the loan application process seamlessly, ensuring a strong foundation for his business. The result has been the establishment of Chaplin Grocery as a thriving and well-organized convenience store, poised to cater to the needs of the Chaplin community and beyond.


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‘’I am particularly grateful for the actionable recommendations and strategies provided by BCSOD. They didn't just offer high-level advice; they delved deep into the details and provided practical steps to implement positive changes and helped me get required financing from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Their guidance empowered me to make informed decisions and start my grocery business.”

Pradipta Chakma
Business Owner

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Chaplin Grocery


Retail - Grocery & Liquor

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Retail Grocery & Liquor Store

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Business planning and Financial Projection, Small business loan, Consulting Services, Financing and Advisory

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