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Arranged credit and working capital loans from BDc and the Bank of Montreal

Adeksa Consult Inc. is a leading technology consulting firm seeking specialized assistance in business planning, with a primary focus on arranging working capital loans through business lines of credit from reputable financial institutions such as BDc and Bank of Montreal. 

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Business planning


Financing support


Working capital loan from BDc and Bank of Montreal

At our firm, we take immense pride in providing exemplary assistance to Adeksa Consult Inc. in their business planning and financial endeavors. With our expertise in Business Planning and Financial Projection, we were able to guide them toward a robust and strategic roadmap for success. Moreover, we successfully facilitated the arrangement of a substantial working capital loan, thoughtfully aligned with a business line of credit, ensuring optimal financial flexibility and support for their operations. Our commitment to empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions remains unwavering, and we look forward to continuing our valuable partnership with Adeksa Consult Inc. in their journey toward growth and prosperity.


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‘’One of the most significant benefits of partnering with Business Consultant On-Demand was their ability to provide comprehensive solutions across various areas of my technology business. They offered invaluable guidance that covered all critical aspects of my operations and financing needs.”

Oyetunde Salami
Business Owner

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Technology Consulting

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Growth Financing, Business planning and Financial Projection, Working Capital Loan, Business Line of Credit

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